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Ginika F

"I started the Faith for Purpose Mentoring Programme because it was a real opportunity to focus my attention on my spiritual growth, and discovering specifically what God’s purpose is for my life. Like most other women, I prioritise the needs of everyone else, but seem to have such little time for myself and I have had a real hunger to know and use my God-given gifts. This Programme has filled me with the excitement and joy of discovering what a unique person God has made me, and caused me to celebrate who I am. Also, I am discovering other gifts and strengths that I had not realised I had. The journey forward is exciting, humbling and full of revelations! I am so thankful for this God-given opportunity.

The one-to-one mentoring with Lynda has made these sessions so intimate and powerful, that the presence of the Holy Spirit is felt each time. My life is finding direction towards God’s divine purpose."

Suzy D

"Faith for Purpose is changing my life. It has taught me the difference between doing good things for God because I can and feel like I should -- and doing the things the Lord intended specifically for me and my life. They ARE different, and I want the latter!
The Faith for Purpose program is helping me to shift my focus to the Lord and His direction for me. Really understanding His purpose for my life feels like a long journey. But, it's a journey I've started and that brings me hope. He will be faithful to complete it!
Faith for Purpose has given me a fresh perspective on the interaction of our spirit, soul and body. I am a mature Christian, but I've gained insight that I am applying every day to my life, and it is bringing me closer to the Lord. Thank you, Father, for WOFT and FFP.
Lynda and WOFT are a blessing to me!
This programme has really impacted my life in the sense that I used to worry about anything, but the illustrated we had during the last meeting using ice cube thought me to leave everything at the feet of God and move on with my life.

Secondly this programme has enlighten me to be careful who I share my problems with, all is because of the valve illustration, I got to understand where you open your valve to is very important, it will either influence you positively or negatively.
Thank you so much for the good job that you are doing, keep it up. May God richly strengthens and bless you."

Irene F

"I found WOFT (Women of Faith Today) through a dear friend who invited me to a conference and I can honestly say I will not be the same person ever again. Where do i start?! None other than the simple fact that Lynda O of WOFT is a powerful, mighty woman of God with a luminescent passion for women, particulary in how women's lives can be aligned so as to prosper in all areas, fulfilling Gods purpose and realizing His promises to us.

 Personally, I have known Lynda just a few short months since the conference but feel as though I have known her for years closely. She is warm, energizing, and makes learning fun in her own unique way. She is a fantastic freind and Mentor. I attended the 1st Women of Faith conference last year and immediately I felt refreshed.
The conference had a big impact on me. I signed up to this course immediately and I have not been disappointed at any time. WOFT has a fantastic practical and faith based programme for leadership and discovering purpose. It is both challenging and exhilarating. I feel my faith is growing richer on a very personal and individual level. I find the uniquely personal orientation of the programme particullary useful in discovering what Gods Word has to say to me, who I am, whom I am not, all the time opening my eyes to my unique skills and talents, and putting all this together into a journey that is leading me to my purpose.

 A purpose that has already been laid out for me, but through this programme I am becoming more and more aware of what it is. I feel that my faith is being awakened, I am growing spiritually and becoming a stronger, and more confident individual and christian. Confident in God's plan for my life.

Lynda, is a fantastic facilitator, trainer, teacher, mentor and coach. The group interactions on the program are great, thought provoking and enriching, I am learning so much!

Most of all however, I love the very unique way that this program is able to give a very individual experience. God's purpose for our lives is individual, this course is teaching me about Who God says I am and not what I think I am, or whom other people may say I am!

I thank Lynda O and WOFT for this fantastic program, it's great for women of all ages! It is enriching and it is fun."

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